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all of my heart: inn love

A waitress again! Haha! Aaaaaand for those of you paying close attention, YES that’s the same vest I wore as a waitress in The Romeo Section. And for those of you who frequent Black+Blue, YES that’s the vest I wear as a part of my uniform when I’m researching my waitress roles (aka working to […]


Another opportunity to play on a CW show this year! This time I’ve moved from Cop to Alien Paramedic. Best part? My lovely friend Patrick Rinehart played my teammate! The two of us had a great time on set for the day. The scene is intensely dramatic and they actually used 4 different cameras to shoot! […]

white spot: nat’s triple diners

Now this is a first! For this fun White Spot campaign, they gave me a mic, a camera man and sent me out on the streets to chat with real people! NO SCRIPT! Of course, I didn’t come up with everything on my own, the awesome team gave me helpful suggestions on what to talk […]

betting on the bride

Yay! My first ever Lifetime movie is here! I was so stoked to get the opportunity to dive into the world of Movies of the Week. After several commercial and episodic tv shoots, switching gears to the MOW format was a really great learning experience. Director Martia Grabiak lead a wonderfully efficient and creative set, […]

london drugs: back to school

  I was so stoked to get a chance to work on this new ad for London Drugs. Not only did I have a great time, but I got to meet Kallie Hu and Amy Lopes! Two awesome local actresses who I’m so pumped to have in my community. Check out some shots from the […]

lucky charms

  I’m so glad to share this fun spot I shot for Lucky Charms. Not only did I get to work with my friend Ryan McDonald, but I also got to work with the wonderful pup from the Febreze spot I did last year!

commercial audition workshop #2

Left-right: Instructor Laura K MacDonald, Chris Dickason, Lauren Bradley, Pam Kearns, Norma Mcknight, Rebecca Johnstone, Alicja Turek, Hannah Henney, Sharon Greyson, Fei Ren, Jasmine Boyd, Simon Turek, special guest Jonny Della Vecchia Look at the fine group of fabulous actors! I couldn’t be happier with the second ever Laura Mac Commercial Audition Workshop. We had […]

ya know it’s summer…

Bruce Clayton is back from Toronto for another great session with the Western Professional Actor’s Lab. I just love working with Bruce. Here’s what I did with Antonnio this week. Huge shout out to Everett and Andres for their shooting. We were all over the place and they gracefully caught up. Too much fun 🙂 […]

commercial audition workshop #1

Top left-right: Special Guest Jonny Della Vecchia, Kevin Kokoska, Rhys Lenton, Ash Middleton, Joel Lefevre and Amro Majzoub Front left – right: Rachelle Hay, Michael Diel, Tania Lewis, Nisreen Slim and ME! I could not be more excited to share this photo and the overwhelming joy I feel after running my first Commercial Audition Workshop […]

new ventures

Who would’ve guessed in less then two years, I’d go from zero acting jobs to offering a commercial acting workshop? You gotta love how life works. The idea of offering a workshop is exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. I know I’ve got a lot to share with new actors who are […]

reinstating proactivity

It’s time to get back to basics. I’ve gotten comfortable and maybe even a bit complacent. While the progression of my career feels great, the way I approach my daily life has fallen back into some old habits. I’ve become reactive instead of proactive. Step 1: Forgive myself. It makes sense that after several months […]