bruce is back!

One of my favourite coaches, Bruce Clayton, is back in Vancouver from Toronto for the summer! I’m so stoked to be back training with him. I learn so much each time I work a scene with Bruce. Unlike a lot of classes, Bruce shoots our class work with two cameras, giving you a great idea of […]

ladies unite

I’ve gotten so attached to the lovely ladies of the Women in Film and Television Mentorship Program, I can’t believe our 6 months are almost up! Our last Thursday morning volunteering session with Quest Food Exchange is this week and I plan on getting lots of pics and videos to commemorate.   This past month was a […]

epic soundtrack

Another US/Candaian National ad is on the air! This time for Edible Arrangements’ new smoothies. This project was so much fun for me. I got to be a brunette for the day! It was wild to see what I’d look like with brown hair. I actually really liked it, but I could never betray my […]

it does exist!

Another commercial project has aired! I’m lucky to be working for Kraft again, this time for shredded cheese. I’m really stoked about how the spot turned out, check it out! ​This project was really a dream come true. For starters, we filmed in Mexico City! What an amazing experience to get work in another country. […]

projects and pins

The last month has been crazy and amazing. I’ve filmed two commercial projects which I can’t really say anything about until they air. I’ve also been pinned for a film role for the first time, but I can’t really talk about that either.  One thing I will say, this past week for the first time […]

bouquet getaway!

Ain’t nobody going home with the bouquet but me! Check me out chasing the adorable Candice May Langlois and Kurt Texieira with  Arianna McGreggor, Starlise Waschuck, Paige McCulloch in Mazda Canada’s newest national commercial!

cafe derby

My second preview is up! I’m now being referred to as a “prolifc writer/actor” Click the photo above to see my work. I’m starting to really love this part of my job!


Every year, Crazy8s hosts an 8 day filmmaking challenge, providing funding and support to 6 emerging Vancouver filmmakers, helping them produce short films. Once the films are complete, the teams come together with the Vancouver film community and see the results at a gala screening event at the Center followed by a party at Science […]

zoom zoom

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to book my first Canadian national commercial for Mazda3! We filmed for two days all around downtown Vancouver and to say I had a blast on set would be an understatement. I got to work with some of the lovliest people and made some great friends in the process. […]

sprouting seeds

Who would’ve guessed when I started this blog just over a year ago that someone would ask me to write for them! I got an email from Katja De Bock (@KatjaKanada), the Communications Coordinator for Women in Film and Television Vancouver, a few weeks ago saying that she had seen my blog and was wondering if […]

full time actor

​I can’t believe its February already. I feel like time is flying by! I’ve been working hard and trying to keep up the momentum I started in the fall. I love my agent Ari, she’s been a wonderful teammate and we’re starting to get me into more casting rooms. I feel great about my commercial […]