all of my heart: inn love

A waitress again! Haha! Aaaaaand for those of you paying close attention, YES that’s the same vest I wore as a waitress in The Romeo Section. And for those of you who frequent Black+Blue, YES that’s the vest I wear as a part of my uniform when I’m researching my waitress roles (aka working to pay the bills). I always bring that vest along to my waitress role fittings because it’s just perfect, isn’t it? I love the bow tie. I know costume designer Tina Fiorda fought for it and I’m so glad she did. It might just be my favourite part of my performance. Haha!

I had such a great time on set for this shoot. Set was pretty far from circus, so they had a holding room set up for the actors. I got to spend the day with Lacey ChabertBrennan ElliottPatrick SabonguiVincent GaleErika Walter, and Dean Hinchey. It’s fascinating to hear what actors of all different levels are working on, struggling with and excited about. We all have so much in common, even at different stages of our careers. Talks of LA, Vancouver, networks, creating our own work, and making this crazy career fit into a fully balanced life left me buzzing.

What was even more fun was that I happen to be working on the last day of filming! Not only that, but my scene was the last scene! AND my coverage was the LAST SHOT OF THE WHOLE MOVIE! It was pretty fun to hear director Terry Ingram say “CUT! Thank you everyone, that’s a SHOW WRAP!”

One more thing to share… after wrap as I was leaving set, DOP Will McKnight pulled me aside and said “Hey, you’ve really got it. Right here” and pointed to his eyes. “You’re going to work a lot”. I was so taken aback. I had all of 2 and a half lines, and the fact that he saw something in me meant a lot. I thanked him profusely and I hope I get to work with him again some day soon! Hear that universe?  I’m putting it out there!

Here’s some photos from my day!