reinstating proactivity

It’s time to get back to basics. I’ve gotten comfortable and maybe even a bit complacent. While the progression of my career feels great, the way I approach my daily life has fallen back into some old habits. I’ve become reactive instead of proactive.

Step 1: Forgive myself. It makes sense that after several months of work, things have maybe slipped into autopilot mode. I also haven’t been working with an accountability team, so it’s only natural that things have gotten a bit stale.

Step 2: Get planning! Unlike a couple years ago, I’m now armed with the tools I need to get back on track. I know what I want. I know what I value. And I know that I can have even more from my life.

Step 3: Get help! I’ve started working with the Actor’s Business Collective again and after only a few weeks, I’m starting to feel much more powerful in my choices. I’m so glad to be back in class. The information that I’m revisiting is resonating just as powerfully the second time around as it did the first. Maybe even more so.


​There’s always room to explore and grow. I’m learning that setting goals isn’t even really about accomplishing them. It’s about forward momentum. Living into something bigger and brighter that lights a fire under your ass, gets you excited about life and relieves all the anxious “what ifs”. When I get clear on what I want to accomplish in a week and schedule accordingly, I operate knowing that I’m doing exactly what I want with my time. I don’t have to worry that I’m not working hard enough, being smart enough, doing more, being more, etc. etc. All the insecure emotions are forced onto the back burner, my wise mind takes over, and I feel grounded and fearless.