febreze fresh!

New commercial! This time a fun spot I shot for Febreze! I’m so thrilled to see this ad come out, as we filmed all the way back in March and I was afraid for a while that it might not air. But of course, good things come to those who wait. This shoot was so much fun. I got to work the very talented and hard working Jason McKinnon who you will probably recognize as that guy that you see everywhere! He’s the king of commercials, as well as a staple in the film/tv and voice-over world here in Vancouver. Working with Jason was so inspiring and I’m glad to say that we’ve become friends. This was one of the first commercials I filmed, and I was a bit nervous until I met Jason who immediately put me at ease. We were joined by the beautiful and talented Merren McMahon and the dashing Tristan Jensen. The four of us had a great time, especially hanging with the star of the day, our wonderful goat friend! Let’s be honest. the goat stole the show.

We were directed by BC’s own director/DOP duo Nelson and Graham Talbot. It’s so great working with such amazing home grown talent. I was very proud of our team. I even had two friends on set! My good friend David Angelski was our production manager extraordinaire and Toronto friend and producer Evan Landry took great care of us.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this spot ends up, I’ve heard reports of it being spotted in the states.  Have you seen it yet?

Here are some behind the scenes photos!