ladies unite

I’ve gotten so attached to the lovely ladies of the Women in Film and Television Mentorship Program, I can’t believe our 6 months are almost up! Our last Thursday morning volunteering session with Quest Food Exchange is this week and I plan on getting lots of pics and videos to commemorate.


This past month was a busy one for us, we helped out at the WIFTV Spotlight Awards, had a great workshop with local casting director Maureen Webb and attended an inspirational Tuesday Night Live in support of Project Limelight moderated by Patrick Gilmore, with special guests Brad Wright and Carrie Mudd. There are so many talent women working hard in Vancouver’s film industry. I know we still have our challenges, but I believe it’s an exciting time to be a woman in film. We’re stepping up our game, working together and making amazing strides. I’m so grateful to WIFTV for the opportunity to get involved in this community. I can’t wait to see where this bunch of talented ladies are in 10 years.