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bruce is back!

One of my favourite coaches, Bruce Clayton, is back in Vancouver from Toronto for the summer! I’m so stoked to be back training with him. I learn so much each time I work a scene with Bruce. Unlike a lot of classes, Bruce shoots our class work with two cameras, giving you a great idea of […]

ladies unite

I’ve gotten so attached to the lovely ladies of the Women in Film and Television Mentorship Program, I can’t believe our 6 months are almost up! Our last Thursday morning volunteering session with Quest Food Exchange is this week and I plan on getting lots of pics and videos to commemorate.   This past month was a […]

epic soundtrack

Another US/Candaian National ad is on the air! This time for Edible Arrangements’ new smoothies. This project was so much fun for me. I got to be a brunette for the day! It was wild to see what I’d look like with brown hair. I actually really liked it, but I could never betray my […]