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zoom zoom

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to book my first Canadian national commercial for Mazda3! We filmed for two days all around downtown Vancouver and to say I had a blast on set would be an understatement. I got to work with some of the lovliest people and made some great friends in the process. […]

sprouting seeds

Who would’ve guessed when I started this blog just over a year ago that someone would ask me to write for them! I got an email from Katja De Bock (@KatjaKanada), the Communications Coordinator for Women in Film and Television Vancouver, a few weeks ago saying that she had seen my blog and was wondering if […]

full time actor

​I can’t believe its February already. I feel like time is flying by! I’ve been working hard and trying to keep up the momentum I started in the fall. I love my agent Ari, she’s been a wonderful teammate and we’re starting to get me into more casting rooms. I feel great about my commercial […]

breaking toes and setting goals

UPDATE: Swipe Left is airing again in the US! Check out the link here! Yes, I know, that doesn’t quite rhyme. But it’s close! This year started off with a slight set back, I stubbed my toe while rushing around my apartment getting ready for my birthday party. Don’t worry, I still went out and […]