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I recently found out that one of the old apartment buildings on my block is being renovated for a group of Syrian refugees and I, for one, am really excited about it. But I’ve noticed that others in my community (geographical and social) have some questions and fears, which seem to stem out of lack of information more then anything else and I want to use my little space on the internet here to express myself on a larger social issue because I feel really strongly about it, and if not on my blog, on my website, then where? Right? The biggest component of my job is putting myself in someone else’s shoes. It’s not only what I do as an actor, but as a person. I’ve always been compelled by how people’s experience effects their behaviour. And how different behaviours interact and effect situations and emotions. So when I hear that group of people that have been fleeing the hell that their homes have become, I think it’s a no brainer that we as a country and a species, should welcome them into our beautiful, safe, prosperous communities.

But maybe not everybody so avidly steps into other peoples shoes and maybe they haven’t thought about the situation the same way yet. I want to share Sam Richards’ Ted talk. He’s a sociologist who gave a talk called “A radical experiment in empathy” in 2010 that I think is brilliant.

I could set it up more, but I think he speaks better for himself. It’s 18 minutes, that’s barely more then 15. Which is only 50% more then 10. You’ve got 10 minutes.

I’m looking into how I’ll help exactly, but I know for one thing I have a bunch of clothes that I do not need sitting in my closet for months (or, let’s be honest, years) more then these people will need to actually wear them.Time to sort through my closet.