serial routine-ist

A healthy lifestyle should be priority for everyone, regardless of career. For me, being active and eating well is an important base to keeping up the oh so important positive mindset.  You can be a great actor, with solid branding and great connections, but if you don’t believe in yourself, getting through the 99 no’s before you get your 1 yes will be extra challenging. I know that when I’m living healthy, its hard not to feel good about myself. Its sticking to it that’s the problem.

I’ve been setting up health and fitness routines and then scrapping them since I left school. I’ve trained for and run two half marathons, practiced yoga daily for about a year, was really into juicing for a while, but currently don’t run, stretch or juice much… or at all. I’m really good at starting new things, but inevitably something throws me off for a week or two, then I feel guilty and the catch up I tell myself I need to do becomes overwhelming.

The problem is that I have impossible expectations for myself. I feel like I have to do everything perfectly all the time, instead of just doing things everyday that make me happy. I put way too much pressure on myself, so this time I’m going to go back to what worked when I was a kid! Its unrealistic to expect that I’m going to exercise everyday, but 3 times a week would be a great start! I know that if I don’t enjoy myself while doing it, I won’t stick to it for very long. So I’m challenging myself to a 45 minute swim, a dance class, and a yoga class a week. Three activities that get me moving and put a smile on my face!