keep the ball rolling

New hair: Check!ย I’m a full on ginger, and I love it. Props to Chris at the Style Lab who took such great care of me. This is the colour I should’ve been born with!

Fitness Routine: Check! I’m 4 weeks in and feeling awesome. I’ve so far managed to keep up my goals while still making room for the daily curve balls. Didn’t make it to yoga? That’s ok! I can throw in a class on another day or switch it up with a long walk with friends and a good stretch before bed. Hopefully I can keep it up!

Headshots: TOMORROW! I’m shooting with the highly recommended Karolina Turek and couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be hitting up the mall for some new basic tops that both flatter andย speak to my brand;ย sweet, bubbly, girl next door. Let’s hope the shopping gods are on my side today!